1.We’re all creepy, gothic, soulless people who love death.

No one in the funeral profession likes death. It’s just the career path that we’ve chosen to follow… and most of the time it’s because we felt a calling to help make funerals a better, more healing experience for families. In addition to tending to people who have passed away, a large part of what we do is tending to families, helping them put on a beautiful service for someone that meant a lot of them, and helping them navigate such a difficult time. You simply can’t be a successful funeral director without a lot of passion and care for the people that walk through our doors.


2. We only care about money and benefiting ourselves.

Let me tell you… if funeral professionals wanted a job where we hoped to become filthy rich, have loads of time off, and only focus on our own needs… we wouldn’t have become funeral professionals.

The truth of the matter is, funeral directors work long, hard (and often thankless) hours making sure that everything is absolutely perfect for the families that we serve. We bend over backwards to make sure that everything goes perfectly… even if that sometimes means losing money or working extra hours over a holiday weekend. (Families might be surprised to find out just how normal of a situation those are.) And, as I mentioned above, we do it because we genuinely want to make a difference to the people walking through our funeral home’s door.


3. We’re focused on selling clients the most expensive options

Funerals are a business, just like any other service that you seek out in a time of need. But, unfortunately, most people do not see the value behind the services that funeral professionals offer, like they do with, say… a wedding (another common life celebration event).

Instead, people are shocked to find out that a funeral costs money… and they’re usually not cheap. But do you really want your loved one to be sent off in a bare bones or “cheap” service, where you’ve only spent the bottom dollar possible? If so, that’s your prerogative. But we take pride in helping families create a service that celebrates the life lived. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option, but whatever option feels right to our families. In fact, maybe the best option just happens to be the least expensive option – we’re more than happy to build a service around what our families want.


4. We just use the same “one-size-fits-all” funeral service for every family, because it’s easiest for us

Sure, it would be easier if funeral professionals were able to just use the same service over and over again, never having to come up with any new ideas. But how would that help our families celebrate the unique and personal life of their loved one?! Every person lived a different story, and we believe that story deserves to be told. Which is why we work so hard creating a beautiful, personalized service that truly honors and memorializes the life that was lived… even when that means finding a unique song, scripture, quote or story for every single service we hold.