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Cohabitation, also referred to as a common law marriage, living together or a domestic partnership, is not recognised as a legal relationship by South African law. There is, therefore, no law that regulates the rights of parties in a cohabitation relationship. Cohabitation generally refers to people who, regardless of gender, live together without being validly […]

Home Affairs Issues

Section 22A (5) of the Births and Deaths Act stipulates that NO funeral undertaker who has not been designated shall engage in the activities relating to the registration of deaths. More than one person from a funeral parlour can receive a designation number. It is recommended that each person at a branch or staff members who […]


1.We’re all creepy, gothic, soulless people who love death. No one in the funeral profession likes death. It’s just the career path that we’ve chosen to follow… and most of the time it’s because we felt a calling to help make funerals a better, more healing experience for families. In addition to tending to people who have […]

NFDA & Genlife agreement

The NFDA and Genlife Financial Services have signed an agreement whereby all members of the NFDA joining Genlife as from 1 July 2015 will in fact be contributing to the strengthening of their Association. Genlife has a sincere appreciation for the educating role (amongst others) the NFDA is playing within the funeral industry and would […]


PLEASE STUDY THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU ADHERE TO THESE CONDITIONS: Members and prospective members need to comply with the following requirements, as applicable to their category of membership: They have all licences/permits required by law for the operation from their premises of funeral services; including any required by any Health Department or other government […]

FSB communication forum to be established

The FSB invited all interested parties to a meeting on 10 June, where a Communication Forum was proposed as a networking platform to improve communication channels between the Board and funeral parlours. Funeral parlours that do not belong to an association but have an influence on other funeral parlours in their area as well as […]

Medupi power station delayed because the ancestors are upset

The reason the Medupi power station is suffering delays is because graves were disturbed during construction, upsetting the ancestors, the CRL Rights Commission said on Tuesday. “How come this Medupi never comes together?” asked commission chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi in Johannesburg at the release of a report on the re-use of graves by local governments. “It’s […]

A tale of two families—and why funeral directors matter

She was 63 years old; we’ll call her Sally. She was having surgery on a broken ankle that had not healed properly. Her two children had come to see her at the hospital the night before, hugged her and told her they would see her in the morning after she came out of surgery. There […]

‘Death simulator’ attraction to open in China

Tired of the same old roller coaster experience at your local theme park? This ride in China will really burn you up. Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death at The Window of the World theme park is meant to simulate death, cremation and being reborn, according to a UPI.com post. The ride begins in a “morgue” […]

Organ Donation Conference

On 14 and 15 May Unisa and CTE hosted a conference called RECYCLE YOUR BODY, with interesting and enlightening presentations on tissue, bone, kidney, cornea and skin transplantations. Here are a few hightlights: While 90% of donors are white, 90% of recipients are black. Because the donor bank is growing older and some of their organs […]