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A tale of two families—and why funeral directors matter

She was 63 years old; we’ll call her Sally. She was having surgery on a broken ankle that had not healed properly. Her two children had come to see her at the hospital the night before, hugged her and told her they would see her in the morning after she came out of surgery. There […]

‘Death simulator’ attraction to open in China

Tired of the same old roller coaster experience at your local theme park? This ride in China will really burn you up. Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death at The Window of the World theme park is meant to simulate death, cremation and being reborn, according to a UPI.com post. The ride begins in a “morgue” […]

Organ Donation Conference

On 14 and 15 May Unisa and CTE hosted a conference called RECYCLE YOUR BODY, with interesting and enlightening presentations on tissue, bone, kidney, cornea and skin transplantations. Here are a few hightlights: While 90% of donors are white, 90% of recipients are black. Because the donor bank is growing older and some of their organs […]


On an average Saturday, there are 80 to 90 funerals held at Avalon Cemetery in Soweto. More during the winter, reckons the guard at the gate. As one funeral group enters, another leaves in a convoy that includes cars and two Putco buses filled with people just released from memorial services. From any one funeral, […]

A deal not to be missed!!

MERCEDES-BENZ and CHRYSLER, JEEP DODGE PASSENGER CARS: (NEW) Offering will be cost less 1% in total. Hence a 7% discount for member and a 1% rebate for NFDA which will be paid on a quarterly basis. *This is not applicable to any new vehicle launched for the first 9 months and will exclude short supply […]

Confessions of a Funeral Director

Last week, a high schooler asked me, “Why are you a funeral director?” After a couple days of thinking about the question, here are ten reasons I’m a funeral director. One: Service A couple years ago, a granddaughter was giving her grandmother’s eulogy at the funeral home.  She shared that before she would take naps […]

SALGA Workshop

The South African Local Government Association hosted a Gauteng State of Cemeteries Workshop on 27 March, which Mike Collinge, Inland chairperson and Ms Marthie Botha attended. SALGA presented a framework for standard by-laws on cemeteries, crematoria and undertakers and mentioned the following challenges: land availability lack of knowledge among communities to alternative ways of internment […]

How Green are our burial practices?

Question we get from time to time, is “How green are South Africa’s burial practices?” and “How do our burial practices compare to that of other countries?” In this presentation we try to answer these questions, while also looking at new burial practices including Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Human Remains as Compost for Crops?

A Seattle, USA architect named Katrina Spade has proposed a new solution for urban food production: convert the recently deceased into nutritious compost to feed the food crops. The project is called the Urban Death Project, and it describes the process of turning dead humans into food as follows: The Urban Death Project is a compost-based […]

Embalming Course

The first 8 learners successfully completed the 2-week embalming course held at Thom Kight & Co, Johannesburg. They have received NFDA certificates and will each have a business card with a unique number. NAME COMPANY COMMENTS Luvo Titi Titi Funerals, Mthatha We are going to advertise on our website that we offer embalming and this […]