Members and prospective members need to comply with the following requirements, as applicable to their category of membership:

  • They have all licences/permits required by law for the operation from their premises of funeral services; including any required by any Health Department or other government department or competent authority;
  • They provide the names, addresses and ID numbers of the owner, company directors, CC members, or partners (as the case may be); and if registered as a company or close corporation they shall provide a certified copy of the certificate of registration/incorporation. In the event of a change of ownership, they need to provide new information within sixty (60) days, to facilitate continuity of membership, failing which membership will lapse;
  • Should an existing Full or Limited Member open an additional office, (whether operational or non-operational) the members shall, within 60 days of the opening of that office, apply for membership of the NFDA for that office. Should a Full or Limited Member close an office, the member shall, within 60 days of closure, cancel in writing the membership of that office and shall return all NFDA property relating to that closed office;
  • They agree to be bound by the inter company tariffs set by the NFDA and the Funeral Federation of South Africa (‘FFSA’). Should a non-member of the NFDA or FFSA make use of a Member’s mortuary facilities, that non-member shall also be bound by all NFDA and FFSA agreements relating to inter-company charges: (a) The non-member may only charge NFDA/FFSA rates to other funeral directors (being NFDA/FFSA members) for removals and related services. (b) However, the non-member is not entitled to any benefits of NFDA or FFSA membership, such as preferential removal rates, whether or not the removal is done by the host NFDA Member (on behalf of the non-member);

Full Members (National) and Limited Members (i.e. membership categories for funeral directors), who fall within the boundaries of an established region of the NFDA, are expected to attend at least one general meeting (regional or national) of the NFDA per calendar year, to remain in good standing. The Regional or National Executive of the NFDA may, at their discretion, for good reason, absolve a Member of this obligation for a particular calendar year.

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