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At the forefront of funeral development

Uniting the funeral industry. Representing all members of  the NFDA. Supporting all cultures & religions. Ensuring  the nation is served with: compassion & respect, quality  service, professionalism & ethical standards.

Information on how we function

Code of conduct

As a member of this Association, we undertake to abide by the rules as formulated from time to time in terms of the constitution and solemnly pledge to honor the code of conduct of the Association as set out here-under.

  • To act in the interest of all who need our services.

  • To respect all beliefs and to treat all personal information as strictly confidential.

  • To treat every deceased with care and respect and to take all due precautions with regard to health regulations.

  • To charge reasonable rates for services rendered and not to exploit bereaved families.

  • To be responsible in advertising and to refrain from soliciting and corruption.

  • To maintain high ethical standards in all relationships with the public as well as other funeral directors.

  • To be loyal to our vocation and to the National Funeral Directors’ Association of Southern Africa.

What are the categories of membership?

  • Full membership – national & international – for a fully operational funeral concern or a company head office with branches.

  • Affiliate membership – for each branch or agency (whether operational or not) of a Full member.

  • Limited membership – for a funeral concern without mortuary facilities who stores with a NFDA member with full membership OR for a funeral concern that does not yet fulfill certain requirements needed for full membership.

  • Associate membership – available to organizations or individuals within the area of operation of the NFDA that do not perform the function of funeral directors.

  • Honorary membership – for people who have delivered exemplary service to the funeral profession and/or NFDA.

What is the purpose of the NFDA?

  • To promote and maintain high professional and ethical standards in the funeral profession.

  • To ensure that those working in the funeral profession are properly trained and equipped.

  • To protect the interest of both NFDA members and the public who are served by their members.

  • To ensure that their members comply with the legal requirements governing the funeral industry.

  • To interact with authorities of state to facilitate good legislation and practice for the profession.

  • To promote co-operation with other professional bodies in the interest of the funeral profession.

What are the requirements of full members?

  • Operational: A permanent mortuary with refrigeration – under the direct control of the member.

  • Have all licenses or permits required by law for the operation of funeral services from the premises.

  • Registration with Department of Home Affairs.

What are the benefits of NFDA membership?

Money-saving products and services

  • Preferential removal rates from members of NFDA and other associations that belong to the Funeral Federation of South Africa- NFDA, SAFPA & IFDA

Building your expertise

  • Funeral Expo – An annual funeral exhibition for suppliers – simultaneously with conference every second year.

  • Stimulating and enjoyable annual conference.

Ensuring up-to-date legal and compliance issues

  • Instrumental in setting up legislation for the funeral industry.

  • Representation of NFDA on services Seta Funeral Chamber.

  • Corporate representation through the NFDA and the Funeral Federation with government bodies.

Keeping you informed

  • A quarterly newsletter

  • SMS Communication System

Supporting your business and the profession

  • NFDA’s code of professional conduct created for you to demonstrate your commitment to families while supporting high ethical standards within the profession.

  • Networking through other funeral directors on a regional, national and international level – especially beneficial for all funeral directors.

  • Help in meditation and problem solving with other funeral directors, official bodies and the public.

  • Favorable public opinion and enhanced professional status as a result of NFDA publicity.

  • A certificate of membership and signs for display in your office and on your vehicles.


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